June 14, 2021

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Google Chrome Extensions to Have Limited Data Access Starting 2021

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Google Chrome extensions will have limited data access in the coming year. In order to make Chrome extensions more secure, the search giant will change how data is accessed by them from the browser. Currently, Google offers three broad options for users to choose from, in order to limit Chrome extensions from reading the site and accessing data. In 2021, Chrome users will get to determine which websites the extension can access when you browse the Web, instead of letting the extension decide. This will offer more control over extensions as compared to the broad categories available currently.

Google has announced on its blog that the way Chrome extensions access data on the browser will be changed in 2021. Users will decide which website can access data and these preferences can be saved for that domain. Users can also still decide to grant an extension access to all the websites that they visit, but that will no longer be the default option in 2021.

Currently, right-clicking on the Chrome extension in the toolbar pulls up a menu that has the option ‘This can read and change site data.’ When you select this option, three options show up – when you click the extension, on that particular website, and on all sites. For now, extensions by default have access to all sites, but that is about to change in the coming year. Google hasn’t announced an exact timeline for when this change is slated to happen.

The tech giant said in the blog, “We’ve also been improving our developer policies to make extensions more transparent. Starting January 18, every extension will publicly display its “privacy practices” which will use clear visuals and simple language to explain the data they collect and use. We’re also limiting what developers can do with the data they collect.” Google says that it also looks to introduce more protections through Enhanced Safe Browsing to make downloading extensions a less strenuous affair.

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